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If you’re going to really live life,

you might as well capture up the good stuff…

That was my single idea when I began writing. I wanted to gather up all that was good, interesting or at least soul-stirring ideas and share them. My writings tend to focus on the good stuff in life, because I feel like everyone already has enough bad things to handle. It's not that I'm Pollyanna, but I can usually find a smidge of joy in most everything. Like the name for my website - "crankymommies." Since I tend to be a cranky mommy, this made me laugh -- and if you aren't laughing, you aren't having very much fun.

This website features my current writings, articles, books, as well as what I'm cooking up next. I hope you will enjoy my words and that they will inspire you to find more joy in your life. After all, we certainly could use a little more joy for the trail!